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What is Moldavite?

Moldavite is a Cosmic Specialty

For twelve years, Arkadian Collection has provided customers worldwide with Authentic Moldavites and Handmade Moldavite Jewelry.

To learn more about Moldavite, visit our What is Moldavite? page and our Moldavite Gemstone Directory page. Read our Activated Moldavite page to learn about our activation process. You may also be curious to browse the Archive, a record of sold raw stones and handmade jewelry.

We offer personally-sourced Moldavite directly to customers around the world fascinated by this Cosmic Gem.

Moldavite has always attracted interest for esoteric and aesthetic reasons. Now, due to a dwindling limited supply, Moldavite Collection and Investment is attracting buyers interested in the long-term economic value.

New Moldavite, Gems, Crystals & Handmade Jewelry

Gem, Crystal & Jewelry Chargers

Charge & Energize Gemstones & Jewelry with this Unique New Product

Charge Gems, Crystals and Jewelry

The Meru Pyramid is the perfect high energy tool for the home, office and sanctuary. It combines two ancient energy devices, the Pyramid and Shri Yantra, which have been used for thousands of years to raise vibrations and consciousness to the highest levels.

Learn more about Meru Pyramid Gem Chargers.

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Hi, I am Katy Sawyer, co-founder of Arkadian Collection with my husband Jacob. I am available to answer questions by email and phone as well as Skype.

Please do get in touch if you have a question about a particular piece or would like help selecting a gift. You are also welcome to view our FAQ Section where I have put together a list of the most common questions and inquiries.

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