Meru Pyramid Gem & Crystal Chargers

Charge, Cleanse & Energize Gemstones, Jewelry, Essences, Water & More

Meru Pyramid Gem & Crystal ChargersAn Exquisite Vibrational Tool + Display Piece for Home & Sanctuary

Meru Shri Yantra Chargers are a unique new product from Arkadian Collection. These powerful, beautiful copper and wood chargers combine two ancient energy devices that have been used for millennia to raise vibrations and consciousness: the Sacred Pyramid and Shri Yantra. When the pyramid and Shri Yantra sacred geometries are joined, a powerful double generator effect manifests, the Shri Yantra radiating positive life-enhancing vibrations upwards and merging with the divine energy structure of the pyramid.

These dynamic pyramids can be used to charge and cleanse crystals, gems and gemstone jewelry for brighter vibration and greater healing. The same effects are beneficial for essential oils, flower essences, massage oils, herbs, water, fruit, vegetables, seeds, vitamins, supplements and more. Other benefits include ionization of atmosphere, protection from geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution, amplification of manifestations, chakra balancing and aura strengthening.

The Healing Pyramid is the perfect high energy tool for the home, office and sanctuary.

High Energy Tool for Home, Office and Sanctuary

The elegant copper pyramid is handmade to the scale of the Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt, a structure that continues to astound researchers with its mysterious power and unfathomable potential. Pyramids gather in and magnify what is known by different cultures as prana, chi, orgone, or life force. Positive and life enhancing vibrations are also generated within a pyramid via resonance.

Russian researchers continue to experiment with pyramid structures and have found that pathogenic bacteria are greatly reduced, the immune system is strengthened, the health index of newborns improved when given solutions that had been placed within a pyramid, and that even at temperatures of -40°C, water left untouched within the structure did not freeze.

Seeds kept inside from 1-5 days had up to 30-100% increased productivity. Fruit etc. will not decay but instead will dry out without decomposing. Ionization of the surrounding atmosphere was also recorded. These experiments used only a pyramid structure without the added effect of the Shri Yantra.

The Shri Yantra is an ancient symbol of harmony and union that draws in great healing and Light. For millennia adepts have used it to help raise consciousness, and in the ancient Vedic version of Feng Shui, known as Vastu, it is used to promote well-being and material and spiritual prosperity, eliminating negative vibrations and removing stagnant energy in a house or surroundings. Shri Yantra talismans are also worn for purification, health and protection. This copper etched Shri Yantra has been activated in a sacred power point with mantra and is continually emanating the highest vibrations and prana.

The Great Pyramid and the two largest triangles in the Shri Yantra share the same angle of near 52 degrees, and if the Yantra is recreated in 3D a pyramid structure is formed. The pyramid and the Shri Yantra share similarities, perfectly complementing and enhancing each other.

Copper is the material of choice as it is an excellent conductor of energies with health benefiting properties. To obtain the greatest effects it is best to orient one side of the pyramid to magnetic north. The copper pyramid is detachable from the base for easier object placement.

There are many ways in which you can use a Healing Pyramid depending on its size. Following are some suggestions on how to use yours:


  • Crystals, tumblestones and gem jewellery will become cleansed, brighter and charged for greater healing. Tired crystals are rejuvenated and glow with new life.
  • The vibrational quality of Essential Oils, Flower Essences, massage oils, herbs etc will become greatly enhanced if placed within the copper pyramid on top of the Shri Yantra.
  • Water placed in a pyramid for a few hours or overnight becomes charged, acquiring a smoother taste. It can be drunk as a general tonic or used as a skin wash on cuts, rashes and insect bites. It can also be used to water plants.
  • Fruit and vegetables get energized with life force prana and improve their flavour after spending some time in the pyramid. Foods become less bitter (try coffee beans), natural flavours improve while chemical flavours are reduced. Shelf life is lengthened.
  • Place seeds for increased germination and plant health, or grow healthier and more nutritious sprouts. Plant cuttings can be rooted faster and with more vigour within the Pyramid.
  • Other possibilities include charging up salt and other condiments, vitamins and supplements.

Ionization of Atmosphere

Pyramids are natural ionizers that help improve air quality. Negative ions help get rid of impurities and contaminants for a healthier atmosphere.

Protection from Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution

The Healing Pyramid can also be placed in areas of the house to help neutralize the negative effects of geopathic stress and electromagnetic pollution caused by computers, televisions etc.

A pendulum can be used to dowse an area to determine where to
place a pyramid and to test its effect.

Some people have experienced improved sleep patterns and greater rest after placing a Healing Pyramid close to or under the bed at night.

Manifestation Amplifier

Healing Pyramids are amplifiers, magnifying energy. Write down on a piece of paper an intention, prayer, or wish and place the folded piece of paper over the Shri Yantra within the pyramid and allow its manifestation to be amplified and accelerated. Focusing a few times a day on what you have written on the paper can help, but remember to say “Not my will but Thy Will be done”. Send light and positive vibrations to any situation and to a person by writing their name on the paper.

Chakra Balancing

Another way to avail yourself of the high vibrations physically is to lie down on your back and place the Shri Yantra base either at a Chakra point or any area of your body that is giving you trouble, so that you are lying down on top of it with the design side touching the body/clothes. Then place the pyramid on the front of your body directly above the Shri Yantra. Remain in this position for 15-30 minutes or more to receive its revitalizing and harmonizing vibrations.

Aura Strengthening

Keeping a Healing Pyramid nearby, or on your lap or body, has a strengthening effect on the aura, doubling the auric field surrounding protection, mental focus and increased energy levels.


Try meditating with your Healing Pyramid to easily reach deeper states. One meditation is to sit holding the base of the pyramid in your right hand with the palm of your left hand hovering above the pyramid apex. You may be surprised!

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