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Moldavite is a truly Cosmic Gem. ~15 million years ago an object from Space fused with Earth. The result is a translucent green gem both rare and mysterious. This "Stone of Transformation", inspiration for Kryptonite, is sought after by collectors, healers, energy workers, enthusiats and lovers of the unique. Moldavite comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures and these factors impact highly the value of each stone. All our Moldavite is 100% genuine, guaranteed.

Truly Exceptional Moldavites


100% Real Moldavite

All of our Moldavite is 100% the real thing, period. We unfortunately see fake green glass online as well as in stores.

Stellar Quality

The Moldavite gemstones that we design into handmade jewelry and sell as specimens are of premium grade.

Ethically Sourced

We have an exclusive source that is mined ethically. The land undergoes restoration and is then permacultured.

Activated with Fire

Our Moldavites are consciously actived with an ancient Vedic fire ceremony performed in a sacred mountain temple.



Moldavite Videos

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Moldavite Specimens

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Moldavite Jewelry

Handmade Jewelry with Moldavite





Exclusive source

Strict quality standards

Consciously activated


15+ years of experience

Genuine guaranteed

Love for the stone




The Exterrestrial Gem

Born from impact

Moldavite is a Tektite. Tektites are glass-like stones created by the impact of large meteorites on Earth’s surface.

A striking meteor

When a large enough meteorite enters Earth’s atmosphere it does not disintegrate before colliding with the ground.

Fusion of Earth + Space

The massive heat and force of a meteor upon impact creates a fusion of melted terrestrial and meteoritic materials.

A force to behold

The collision force of the Moldavite meteor sent the Earth-fused meteoric substance back into the upper atmosphere.

Aerodynamic shapes

Upon redescension, the fused substance took aerodynamic shape and landed across great distance in strewn field deposits.

Singular among meteorites

Moldavite is the only meteorite we know of yet that is of such quality that it's instantly recognized as a gemstone.


High Integrity

We have been personally sourcing Moldavite in the Czech Republic since 1999. Our love for the stone sets us apart. We maintain the highest integrity and offer unparalleled service you can only receive from a family business.

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Elegant Specimens

Our unique presentation of each specimen - including a handwritten description, multiple photographs and a video - is truly singular. We document these details for our customers and to archive this cosmic gem.

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Magical Jewelry

We made our first collection of Moldavite Jewelry over fifteen years ago. We are now the premier retailers of Moldavite Jewelry and continue to push the envelope with fresh artisan handcrafted designs.

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Genuine Guarantee

Each Moldavite stone - including those in jewelry - is most definitely the real thing... and then some! We stand fully by every piece and guarantee its authenticity, as well as take it to the next level.

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