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We have been personally sourcing Moldavite in the Czech Republic since 1999. In that same year, we made our first collection of Moldavite jewelry.

Things have evolved and we are now the Web's premier retailers of Moldavite Gems and Moldavite Jewelry.

What sets us apart is our love for the stone, our sacred activation process and the high integrity and unparalleled care you can only get from a family business.

The Web's Largest Source of Moldavite Photos, Videos & Handwritten Descriptions

Arkadian Collection's unique presentation of each piece, with photographs and videos for the highest quality Moldavite stones, is truly singular. We create these for our customers as well as to document this cosmic gem.

Learn more about this amazing gemstone in our Gemstone Directory.

Please do not hesitate to contact Katy if you have any questions or want to hear firsthand about our activation process and jewelry design flow.

Moldavite is a Tektite, the only Meteorite of Gem Quality

A Singular Cosmic Gem for Mineral Collectors, Energy Workers, Seekers & Lovers of the Rare & Ancient

Museum Grade Moldavite Wand

Moldavite is the only Tektite of gem quality, "The Real Kryptonite", and is thus singular among all gemstones. It is sought after for its uniqueness and rarity, collected and prized in its raw form. We offer raw natural gem specimens to collectors, healers and enthusiasts, as well as incorporate natural, faceted and polished stones into our one-of-a-kind Handmade Gemstone Jewelry designs.

Tektites are glass stones created by the impact of large meteorites on Earth’s surface. When a large enough meteorite enters Earth’s atmosphere it does not disintegrate before colliding with the planet's surface. The resulting massive impact creates a fusion of melted terrestrial and meteoritic material. The rebounding force sends this molten substance back up into the upper atmosphere, whereupon the smaller, fused aerodynamic stones land a second time in deposits known as strewn fields.

Collectors, seekers, healers, researchers and enthusiasts can dive deeper and learn more about this beautiful gem on our What is Moldavite? resource and the Moldavite Gem entry in our free gemstone directory.

Investors purchase this sacred gem from outer space for its long term value. Read about Moldavite Collection and Investment.

Moldavite Items

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