Fake Moldavite: How to Know Real Moldavite from Fake Green Glass

Fake Moldavite
Fake Moldavite Jewelry
Fake Moldavite Pendant
Bubbles and Swirls in Real Moldavite under a Magnifying Glass
Real Moldavite
Genuine Moldavite
Real Arkadia Moldavite Pendant

As Moldavite's value grows, so does the market for fakes

For as long as there’s been valuable commodities, man has made every attempt to counterfeit them and pawn them off as the real thing.

Unfortunately, this has been the case with Moldavite ever since it begin gaining value and popularity in the late 90’s.

Since that time I’ve come across everything from “African Moldavite”, a ridiculously neon green glass to molded glass counterfeits made in China which can easily fool the unsuspecting novice. 




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