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Large Investor Grade Moldavite Stone 27.3g


Item Code: IM192
Metric Dimensions: 37 x 37 x 18 mm
Imperial Dimensions: 1 1/2” x 1 1/2” x 3/4”
Weight: 136.5 Carats (27.3 grams)

Unique Qualities

This amazing large Investor Grade Moldavite™ shimmers with truly mesmerizing cosmic beauty. It exquisitely displays highly intricate and sophisticated carvings on its lush green surface. Weighing 137 carats, this massive tektite is more than six times the average size Moldavite, and measures 37mm in length, 37mm in width and 18mm in depth. 

As per scientific research Moldavite is said to have been formed more than 15 million years ago in a celestial event when material from outer space hit the Earth in what is known today as Southern Bohemia, Czech Republic. This is the exact place where we ethically sourced this very piece from, to make it available for you.
Moldavite is well known as the stone of truth, awareness and deep transformation. Very protecting, healing and purifying, Moldavite is a wonderful heart opener in itself. It has the power to transform all darkness into light, remove obstacles and fears, awaken one´s spirit and help you reach your highest potential, taking you on an enriching self-discovery journey while supporting you all along.

Its benefits and healing properties as just phenomenal and as the word continues to spread about them worldwide, Moldavite´s supply is becoming more and more scarce. This is the best time to invest on this spectacular piece and let its wonderful qualities serve you and prompt great positive change in your life.



Moldavite is a truly Cosmic Gem. ~12 million years ago an unknown agent of extraterrestrial origin created a celestial event on Earth. The result is a translucent green gem equally rare and mysterious. Sought after by collectors, healers, energy workers, enthusiats and lovers of the unique, Moldavite stones come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures which factor highly in their valuation. Each Arkadia Moldavite item is 100% genuine and comes with a free Certificate of Authenticity. Called the "Stone of Transformation", "Grail Stone" and possibly the inspiration for Kryptonite, Moldavite is soaring in popularity even as supply dwindles, and has quickly become a curious and attractive investment in both the physical and the metaphysical.


Tektites are meteorites, "stones" that have fallen to Earth from Space. They have come a long way to be on planet Earth. Moldavite is the Tektite we specialize in - the only one of gem quality.

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Large Investor Grade Moldavite Stone 27.3g

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Large Investor Grade Moldavite Stone 27.3g

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Large Investor Grade Moldavite Stone 27.3g

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Large Investor Grade Moldavite Stone 27.3g


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